Neural Machine Translation with Keras.

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  • Attention RNN and Transformer models.
  • Online learning and Interactive neural machine translation (INMT). See the interactive NMT branch.
  • Tensorboard integration. Training process, models and word embeddings visualization.
  • Attention model over the input sequence of annotations. - Supporting Bahdanau (Add) and Luong (Dot) attention mechanisms. - Also supports double stochastic attention.
  • Peeked decoder: The previously generated word is an input of the current timestep.
  • Beam search decoding. - Featuring length and source coverage normalization.
  • Ensemble decoding.
  • Translation scoring.
  • N-best list generation (as byproduct of the beam search process).
  • Support for GRU/LSTM networks: - Regular GRU/LSTM units. - Conditional GRU/LSTM units in the decoder. - Multilayered residual GRU/LSTM networks.
  • Unknown words replacement.
  • Use of pretrained (Glove or Word2Vec) word embedding vectors.
  • MLPs for initializing the RNN hidden and memory state.
  • Spearmint wrapper for hyperparameter optimization.
  • Client-server architecture for web demos.

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